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Decorating Tips for Your New Home

By: Robert Warren

You`ve done it! You’ve purchased your new home! You`re looking at it and you`re in love! You`re walking around right before you bring your new stuff and wondering how am I going to decorate this? Decorating isn’t always easy but it can be fun! It is about letting your personality shine through your choices.

Start simple. Look around for a small wreath to hang outside your door to give your new home a little bit of a home flair to it. It can be a simple wreath, not a holiday wreath (unless it is the season.) Think of a light brown circle wreath with small blades of white in it. Something just to say honey I am home.

If you have a table, consider some decorative (nonflammable,) candles to decorate a with. Maybe put up a flower vase full of your favorite flowers. Consider getting some nice succulents. Think how you can bring the garden outdoors to indoors in ways. You can also set up some nice pots with plants near windowed areas.

Find some pictures. Everybody loves pictures; hanging them on a wall can make a place feel like a home. Think about how you can stagger the photos on the wall to bring a classy look. You can also find a very large but elegant art piece to be the center of attention in one of the larger rooms. This is a classy and sassy way to feel at peace in your home.

Take a look for some nice artwork. Where can you find some large artwork you can hang to feel even more amazing at your place? Look at stores like Home Goods, Ikea, or World Market. There is a large variety and you should be able to find something nice.

There are many pictures out there to bring some hominess to your home like beautiful waterfalls, and exotic animals like zebras or tigers. There are more people-focused artworks out there too. It all depends on your style and what you want to go for.

Remember at the end of the day this is your home so make it special! Hope these decorating tips helped you and have fun with your decorating! Welcome home.

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