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Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Retreat: Tips for a Peaceful Sleep Environment

By: Robert Warren

Imagine you are driving at night with 104 degrees outside, you feel almost dizzy and super tired. You`re driving home with low beams on and just exhausted from a long day at work. It is ridiculously dark outside. You just want to kick back and relax. You`re getting really close to your home, pull up and park the car. You turn it off, take out the keys, and are about to go in. You`re envisioning what your room will look like when you return. What do you see?

Is your bedroom going to be a mess? Is it really clean? Will you be able to focus when you walk in so you can sleep? Now let's talk about how to take this room of yours and turn it into a peaceful sleep environment.


Color is key. To create a relaxing theme in your room, aim for more neutral colors. Think of soft greys and crèmes. When you walk in think about how you want to be greeted too. Great scents can really be relaxing like lavender or eucalyptus. You can turn on an essential oil diffuser or invest in a wall plug-in that releases bursts of scents over time.

Being tidy can go a long way in how you feel inside your home. Having a tidy space can help declutter your mind by knowing you have less to do. Bring some soft textures into your room. Think fluffy pillows, stuffed animals, silky sheets, or soft throws.

cozy bedroom

Plants can bring a good look into your room and help create that relaxing environment. The power of plants is quite incredible with how they can make you feel just by looking at them. You really need to think of decorative elements that will make you happy to see when you walk in and relax your mind.

Never neglect your lighting either. A simple night light can go far when it comes to relaxing. Peaceful meditation music can help when you are sleeping. Lo-fi hip-hop beats can help when studying. Classical as old as it sounds can be useful for studying too.

Get yourself a blissful bed. Make it super cozy to sleep in and relaxing to be on. Invest in some nice pillows to set the mood and create it with those neutrals we were talking about. A pro tip too is after a long day of work a heated foot bath can make you relax and feel incredible.

So whatever you`re going for don`t forget how important it is to give yourself some time to relax. Set a mood you can feel enjoyment coming back to and tidy up your space to declutter your mind. Get yourself some nice scents, fuzzy items, and soft textures to have a blissful time back home.

cat loving the bedroom

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